Carpeting and Tile Flooring at Louis Shanks in Austin and San Antonio Texas


Louis Shanks offers a wide variety of flooring options including top quality carpeting, hardwoods and more. 



Wool carpets act as a natural air filter, trapping allergens such as dust and pollen and keep them out of the breathing zone. Wool is made up of millions of tiny springs, formed by the corkscrew shape of the crimp that is permanently set into the wool as it grows. Wool can withstand being stretched or compressed by as much as 30% of its length and still spring back to its original dimensions and shape. Indentations left by heavy furniture will spring back up as the fibers absorb water vapor from the air during professional cleaning.



Synthetic carpets are engineered to be very stain resistant and typically offer some type of warranty against staining and wear. Synthetic carpet is relatively inexpensive to manufacture and also can be dyed very easily in a variety of colors that will not easily fade in exposed to sunlight.


You can also make a custom area rug using any of our available carpets!



We offer a wide variety of woods in various shades to work with any decor.






Louis Shanks brings your a diverse selection of ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tile from around the globe with a stunning array of stone, tiles, decos, mosaics and more. We have you covered for floors, walls, counter tops, showers and pools.


We'll make you feel right at home.