Furniture Upholstery Care and Cleaning Tips

Pride of Ownership Furniture and Upholstery Care and Cleaning Tips

Thank you for selecting Louis Shanks for your home furnishing needs. Your choice to do so indicates your good taste and admiration for quality goods. As such, you will want to know how best to care for your purchases. Below we have listed some guidelines to help assure long-lasting enjoyment of your furniture.

Casegoods Care & Cleaning

The precautions listed here are typical among high-end, fine quality furniture manufactures.

Fine wood furniture should not be exposed to extreme heat or humid conditions. Try to avoid direct sunlight which may cause certain finishes to fade or discolor.

Do not place plastic, rubber or hot objects directly on a wood finish. Chemicals in plastic and some rubber may soften or discolor the finish if left in contact with the furniture. Also care should be used when moving objects. They should be lifted and not dragged across a finished surface.

Nail polish remover, hair spray or perfume, potpourri, dyed candles, aromatic diffusers and plug in room fresheners are products that contain solvents that can dissolve or stain wood finishes. Use caution when using these products around fine furniture.

Frequent dusting will extend the life of wood finishes, and every six months or so a more thorough cleaning or polishing may be desired. There are 3 simple rules to follow:

#1 Furniture polishes, oils or waxes should not be used for dusting. Remove household dust with a soft clean slightly dampened cloth dusting WITH the grain of the wood.

#2 Louis Shanks recommends Guardsman furniture care products. Silicone based products are NOT recommended. However, whatever polishing brand you choose should be used exclusively without combining with other products. Combining different products is the most frequent cause of deteriorated finishes. Apply the polish and wipe WITH the grain. Allow polishes to dry completely before replacing objects.

#3 Whatever care product you choose should not be used too often. Two to four times per year max to avoid sticky build-up.

Upholstery Care & Cleaning

All cushions and pillows should be reversed and/or rotated on a regular basis. Back cushions and toss pillows will also require “fluffing” regularly to prevent the filling from becoming too settled. This also keeps the filling evenly distributed for maximum comfort.

With most fabrics occasional vacuuming is recommended to prevent dust build-up. This will extend the life of the fabric and keep your upholstery looking top notch.

Under normal use, upholstery should be cleaned on an annual basis. Less frequent cleaning is needed for less trafficked areas.

All fabrics have a cleaning code to determine which type of upholstery shampoo that should be used. Your sales associate will be happy to assist you in determining which code applies to your fabric.

Due to the wide range of fibers used today, it is impossible to publish cleaning instructions that apply to all fabrics. Louis Shanks recommends that a professional cleaning service be used whenever possible.

Following these tips will insure the prospect of many years of enjoyment from you new upholstery.